Safe and hygienic storage of COVID-19 vaccines from -80°C up to +8°C

Special requirements – uncompromising expertise

Fast availablility, reliable deep-freezing solutions for vaccination centers

An end to the Corona pandemic appears to be within reach with the presentation of vaccines. To ensure the effectiveness of vaccines, they must be stored at temperatures as low as -80°C. With TectoCell freezer rooms from Viessmann, you will get a temperature-stable, hygienic solution that is excellently suited for vaccine vials thanks to its technical properties.

Our freezer rooms can cover all necessary temperatures from -80°C to +8°C and thus guarantee constant, absolutely safe temperature conditions. Due to the 150mm thick wall panels, our freezer rooms are extremely robust and offer excellent energy efficiency as well as user comfort.

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Covid-19 vaccines well refrigerated with Viessmann